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Welcome to Record Storage & Management

The home of the Record Managers that work for you!!!!

At Record Storage & Management, we manage the complete life cycle of your documents. The retention of certain data and documentation is a legal obligation, applicable to all companies.

Record Storage & Management offers our clients with options of having their records in a physical state or being send via email or the cloud. All documents are saved in a digital format for quick access and delivery.

In addition, we also handle the safe and confidential disposal of your records.

By outsourcing their record management to us, our clients can focus on their core business, and save time, money and space on managing their own records.

Out of space, speak to us we’ve got the space and time you need to sort and digitally scan all your records for your business archiving needs. We will come and collect all your records and handle them with care. We offer long term as well as short term storage to our clients. Our facility is based in a secure well guarded property with all the necessary paper work and systems in place.

How our system works and what to expect when joining us.

Our team cleans out your archive by purging old records and packing and cataloging those wich need to be retained.

We transfer the packed boxes to our facility

The contents of each box is captured in detail and logged on our systems.

The contents of each box is prepared and the digitally scanned and saved.

Update the customer when we are done with his company records.

Services & Pricing

The following services is available at Record Storage & Management

Secure Storage Facility

Collection and Express Delivery of Files

Data Capturing

Digital Scanning

Cloud Based File Retrieval

Emailing of records or a specific file

Certified Destruction of Documents

For the latest pricing feel free to contact us form our contact page.


Record Storage & Management was established in 1996 with one goal and that is to assist clients in archiving their records and storing them in a secure and safe environment. Some of our clients may also know us by the name Gratsi Invesmensts. We are the same company with Gratsi Invesmensts just being the trading name for Record Storage & Management.

Throughout the years the company started trading and adding customers to their data base then the world also changed with new technology and means of saving your records. Record Storage & Management also added this technology to improve customer services for our clients and making it easier for them to access their records in other ways. With the digital scanning facility we are able to send files in a archive quicker than ever before.

We believe in long term relationships with our clients and most of our clients being with us from the beginning still stores all their records with us. We are friendly and very help full with any process from the start of a new client or simply assisting some of our old clients. Our customers are the core of our company and there for we believe that only the best customer service will do. The team at Record Storage and Management is ready and waiting for you to join us.

Thank you for taking time to visit and read about our wonderful Company. We can’t wait to meet and start doing business with yours.


Feel free to contact us for more information or quotations

    Tel Nr: 072 373 7336 / 082 493 4999

    Information: info@recordstorage.co.za

    Records: records@recordstorage.co.za

    Accounts: accounts@recordstorage.co.za