Why Record Storage & Management?????

In the world we live in today nothing is more important than data. If data of files is lost then months or even years of work is gone in a single moment. Some of you might think why must my business archive my records with a facility? If I have space or the means to do it myself. Well the answer is simple we have to comply with very high standards in making sure all our clients records is safe, we take responsibility for your records and making sure that all the records being archived are digitally scanned and stored.

A lot of business owners say yes I have a secure place and my records are being scanned and stored. This is an interesting subject for me to speak to clients, this because if i ask them to show me their storage room or even their digitally scanned records then only do 80% of them realize that they are on point with any of it. Some clients files are not even 10% scanned and stored or if they are stored it’s in the same premises on a local computer. That my fiends is not safe at all, the records you are archiving cannot be stored or saved at the same premises as your business. Why they ask me? It is because if there happens to be a fire at your business or a break in and someone steals all your records what then. Don’t think this can’t happen, it happens and happens more and more each day.

So think about it are you willing to take the change to lose everything or will you call a professional to come and assist your business.